About WMW

Wired Music Week (WMW), established since 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, is the first ever dedicated gathering of music professionals ranging from aspiring artists, talent managers and promoters. It has swiftly grown to become one of the most respected meeting places for music industry professionals within the Southeast Asia region.

WMW is held annually, aspiring to bring professionals together to connect and share their common goals, aims, and issues; while providing them with unique networking opportunities. WMW also runs its sub-program called WMW Session, now expanding to different countries like Vietnam, Philippines, Jakarta, Brunei and more.

Despite being a fairly new player in the music scene, WMW has proven itself to be able to adapt swiftly in response to innovations and events revolving around the music industry. The event is designed, organized, and supported by a team of active members who are experienced in the music and live events industry from around the world. More than a thousand individuals who attend WMW hail from over 25 different countries, each representing their own unique occupations in the music field.

Being supported by some of the music industry’s known public figures such as major label heads, celebrity DJ/Producers, and major international brand partners, WMW provides delegates access to a vast number of resources – from the input of veteran music professionals themselves, to the coverage offered by all the workshops established within event.

WMW provides budding and experienced musicians not just a discussion forum at site, but also serves as an essential opportunity for industry colleagues to meet, do business and most of all, have fun!