Tune into stories of industry veterans who have proven successful in the walks of this field as they share first-hand experience with our audiences during keynote interviews and presentations. It’s time to learn and ask questions about what you’ve always wanted to know about this industry from the speakers in a multimedia stage environment.


Participate in a broad variety of interactive workshops that sparks brainstorming environments designed to propel participants mindsets and abilities. WMW brings together talented creatives and industry veterans into workshops that encourage the collision of ideas and brainstorming. It creates the perfect blend for each to ponder and challenge their assumption. WMW Workshops are where curiosity is the norm, where risk is encouraged, where being bold is celebrated, and where anything can happen.


Calling all budding producers, it’s your time to shine! Get your music heard and receive immediate heartfelt feedback from various record labels globally. During the past WMW, we have seen emerging producers and artists successfully signed on to record labels. So, are you game?


Organize and schedule your meetings via the Deal Room App. Annually, WMW gathers over thousands of the most passionate and respected industry professionals worldwide. Use this rare opportunity to build strong connections with them. Every element of the conference is outlined to maximize significant connection opportunities that appeal to all participants.


Take a break and get to know others in the industry during the chill out session taking place at Park Avenue Lounge. When you’re in such good company, you could potentially learn more from the person sitting right next to you!


When the sun goes down it’s time to party! What better way to cool off after a full day worth of conference at WMW Festival watching your favorite artists perform at 6,000 ft above sea level?! Four nights of festival craze at Zouk Genting definitely punctuates the whole WMW experience, sparking conversations and leaving participants wondering what will come next.